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M5ARTS presents Art Hotel

Sacramento, CA

February 2016

Jennifer Jackson is a member of M5ARTS, a new non-profit arts initiative in Downtown Sacramento committed to envisioning and creating culturally significant multi-faceted and multidimensional art experiences.

In February 2016, the Art Hotel project at the historic Jade Apartments next to the new Golden1 Arena presented a temporary series of arts events, which included exhibitions, film premieres, and musical performances by local to international artists. All events were free to the public. The Art Hotel took Sacramento and surrounding areas by storm, with thousands of attendants filling the exhibit to capacity each day. The Sacramento Bee provided a thoughtful overview of the cultural impact of the event here.

The M5ARTS initiative will extend its programs to new avenues for years to come, enriching the downtown community and helping define Sacramento’s place in the art world. For more information on M5ARTS, visit

All images by Martin Christian