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Kaiser Permanente SMC 501 J Street MOB

Sacramento, CA

Open 2018

Kaiser Permanente purchased a commercial building across from the upcoming Sacramento Kings arena, a high profile location and Kaiser’s first in downtown Sacramento. Grigio has been brought on board to consult with the Kaiser project manager, the architecture firm, the lighting consultant, and other relevant parties to develop the Master Plan and overall vision for the artwork. Downtown Sacramento has a thriving art community, and Kaiser would like to use artwork as a way to integrate into the local community. Because of Grigio’s strong involvement in the arts community in Sacramento, Kaiser has selected the firm to be an integral part of the project, making key decisions and recommendations regarding existing artwork and future commissions and acquisitions.

Grigio has completed the first phase of this project – removal and storage of two fine art sculptures valued at $1M, “Unititled” by Deborah Butterfield and “Double L Excentric Gyratory II” by George Rickey, for protection during the construction phase. Photos of the delicate, time-consuming process are below. Grigio also worked with Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Council (SMAC) to release an announcement to the community,